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Positive Behavior Support


Myths About PBIS

"The positive in Positive Behavior Support means we give out rewards"
The positive refers to a change of focus from reactive, constantly pointing out what students did wrong (negatives), to proactive teaching and recognizing what children are doing right (positives). It refers to an overall change in the school climate to a learning environment where students and teachers feel appreciated, safe and respected. Rewards are used to assist staff in focusing on the positive.

"We will no longer punish children for inappropriate behavior"
PBIS does not ignore inappropriate behavior. Consequences are more than "punishment". They are the actions that follow the inappropriate behavior and can either help to increase or decrease inappropriate behaviors. PBIS views appropriate consequences as those that are effective in changing the student's inappropriate behavior. S. L. Mason plans for inappropriate behavior by matching the level of consequences to the severity of the problem behaviors and maintaining consistency within the school.

"PBIS uses bribes to get children to behave"
Using a reward system is not the same as bribing a student to behave appropriately. A bribe is something offered or given to a person in a position of trust to influence that person's views or conduct. PBS acknowledges and rewards students for following school-wide expectations and rules. Appropriate behavior is acknowledged after it occurs. Rewards are earned, not offered as payoff in exchange for good behavior.

PBIS Expectations

Our school-wide PBIS is based on four characteristics that assist students in making good choices: CATS

Cooperate, Act with Appropriate Attitude, Take Responsibility, and Show Respect.

The PBIS team’s goal is for SLM students to demonstrate cooperation, appropriate attitude, responsibility, and respect at all times and in all places on our school campus.

PBIS Expectations


A-Act with Appropriate Attitude

T-Take Responsibility

S-Show Respect

Behavioral Expectations

All SLM students are expected to follow the S. L. Mason’s Schools CATS expectations.  Posters are displayed throughout the school that list the behaviors expected in various areas of the school, including classrooms, restrooms, the cafeteria, and on campus. Students are taught what is expected of them in each school area. Each teacher also has posted classroom rules that are consistent throughout the school.

Reinforcement System

When S. L. Mason School students display appropriate behavior, they are eligible to receive an CATS CATS that may be redeemed throughout the year. If students are not following the rules, they may need to spend some time reflecting on their behavior and have a conference with the teacher. They also may be asked to complete a behavior reflection form. Major or repeated misbehaviors will result in an office referral, parent contact, or other consequences.

Please visit the PBS site for other important information pertaining to our school-wide PBS.