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We are excited to share a new opportunity to help our students at SL Mason be successful. We understand the important roles social and emotional skills play in each child’s success in school, in the community, and, eventually, in college and the workplace. Skills, such as demonstrating self-control, persisting at challenging tasks, making good decisions, and working well in groups are all necessary to be successful students and adults. To support our students in developing these essential social and emotional skills that will help them become successful and responsible adults, we are starting a social and emotional learning program at SL Mason.


As part of this program, our teachers will be using a tool called the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment, or DESSA. This tool asks teachers to rate how often a student has demonstrated specific social and emotional skills in the past month. Similar to the academic screening in reading and math completed multiple times during the school year, teachers at SL Mason will universally rate social and emotional skills for all students. The purpose of the DESSA is to identify which social and emotional skills your child has already learned and what skills he or she might still need to develop. Once our teachers identify the skills their students still need to learn, they will teach those skills using lesson plans and strategies that accompany the DESSA. Our goal is to ensure that your child is continuously developing the social and emotional skills they need for lifelong success.


Ratings for your child will be confidential and only used for educational planning by your child’s teacher and school. Your child’s data and results will never be shared with a third party. A copy of your child’s DESSA ratings will be available to parents. Parents will also have access to an online parent portal full of resources, tips, and strategies to help support social and emotional development at home. 


If you have any questions or choose for your child not to participate, please contact your child’s school counselor, Cynthia Crawford (PK-2) or Nichole Whitley (3-5) by email cynthia.crawford@gocats.org or nichole.whitley@gocats.org, or by phone at 229-333-8525. 


Teacher/Staff Access: http://sel.datalinkevo.com 


Parent Portal: https://apertureed.com/parent-portal/