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Device Distribution for K- 5 Schools

Device Distribution for K – 5 Students

Valdosta City Schools has been mandated by the Governor to physically close for the remainder of the year because of the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer electronic devices for checkout to K – 5 students. At this time we cannot ensure the equitable distribution of devices to all K – 5 students. Additionally, we cannot ensure all students will have equal or equitable access to home Internet connection.

To ensure students are staying engaged and active with learning, ALL K – 5 schools have and will continue to distribute instructional packets. How and when to pick-up packets will be shared with parents through our all-call system, school websites, and the district website.

As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times, we encourage students to stay engaged in learning by reading every day, accessing VCS Home Learning Resources (http://bit.ly/VCSHome), and completing instructional packets. Students will not be penalized for circumstances over which they had no control.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the extended closure of Valdosta City Schools.